Wool fabric - Merino wool S120 - middle grey

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Wool fabric, Merino S120 wool, middle grey, 100% wool, 150cm width, 180gr/m2, 270gr/str.mtr.

Wool that comes from the Merino sheep is finer and of a higher quality than other types of wool. This ultrafine wool is renowned for its fantastic softness, shine and breathability.

This very fine fibre makes Merino wool much softer against the skin and more luxurious to wear than traditional wool types. This also has the added benefit of being well suited to clothing as Merino will not itch or irritate the skin.

This exclusive wool fabric is perfect to use in high end clothing, like fine tailored suits, blazers, skirts and trousers.

Producer: Heilemann, Germany
Colours: Middle grey
Fabric design: plain, solid
Fabric: wool
Quality: Premium, S120
Width: 150 cm
Fabric composition: 100% wool (Merino sheep)
Fabric use: high end clothing a.o. tailored suits (ladies and gents), blazers, skirts and trousers

Washing instructions:

Waschen nicht erlaubt | Bügeln bis 150 Grad | Profesionelle Reinigung | Bleichen nicht erlaubt | Nicht im Trockner

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