Stretch lining | Elastic lining | Stretch cupro lining fabric

Stretch lining | Elastic lining | Stretch cupro lining fabric

Premium stretch lining made from natural Cupro fibres. Stretch cupro lining is silky soft, smooth to the touch, pliable, anti-static, lightweight and feels pleasant on the skin. Comfortable to wear due to the addition of elastane.

Bemberg is the brand name for Cupro and a trademark of the Japanese Asahi Kasei Corporation. Bemberg (Cupro) is a breathable fiber with micropores that quickly absorbs and expels moisture and is produced only in Japan.

Cupro originates from the natural cotton plant and is reborn through human technology. It characterizes both the softness of natural fibers and the functionality of synthetic fibers.

Elastic cupro lining is cool in summer and warm in winter and the perfect choice if you want to add lining to your stretch clothes. The beautiful shine in the stretch lining creates a luxurious look.

Our stretch cupro lining fabrics have an elasticity of about 20% (e.g. 100cm can be stretched in width to a maximum of about 120cm).

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